girls you look and you look for the perfect 1 and when you finally find the right 1 you fuck it up so bad that u lose contact and miss them but you cant tell them that or you let yourself be vonerable and able 2 get hurt but you do it anyways.... i wish i relized i can hurt a human being so much and people should never hurt those who you care about ecpesally when those you hurt love you becuse love is so hard 2 find and i didnt miss it till it was gone and now life is better and its diffrent im older wiser smarter and ready 2 get my life 2gether the girl of my dreams is in my life again and she is still holding my heart and im there for her for better or worse and i always will be and ill try 2 be there forever
tumblrbot said: ROBOTS OR DINOSAURS? DINOS!!!!

tumblrbot said: ROBOTS OR DINOSAURS?